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This Day in F.F. Bosworth History - March 9

By Roscoe Barnes III

Author, F.F. Bosworth: The Man Behind Christ the Healer

Copyright (c) 2018


On March 9, 1907, John Alexander Dowie, an important figure in the life history of F.F. Bosworth, died at his home, the Shiloh House, a few months before his 60th birthday. Dowie was a controversial Scottish preacher who found fame as a healing evangelist and pastor. He founded Zion City, Ill., and the Christian Catholic Apostolic Church. He suffered a debilitating stroke in 1906, and according to some reports, he never fully recovered.

It was around 1902 when Bosworth and his family left Fitzgerald, Ga., and moved to Zion City, where he sat under the ministry of Dowie. Soon after their arrival, Dowie hired him as a band leader. In 1903, the band became so popular it reportedly drew capacity crowds at 10 successive concerts in Madison Square Garden, New York.

Because of Dowie’s emphasis on divine healing and his ministry of praying for the sick, the Zion City community provided Bosworth with an environment that was apparently charged with spiritual gifts and enthusiasm for miraculous healing. Bosworth, of course, would go on to write the classic, Christ the Healer. Inspired by Dowie -- and other healing ministries -- he would also grow into a famous healing evangelist.

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