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This Day in F.F. Bosworth History - March 11

By Roscoe Barnes III
Author, F.F. Bosworth: The Man Behind Christ the Healer
Copyright (c) 2018


On March 11, 1949, F. F. Bosworth returned to Zion, Ill. to conduct a series of healing meetings with William Branham at Grace Missionary Church. Bosworth was joined by his wife, Florence, who assisted him with teaching.

Zion, which was founded by John Alexander Dowie, is located near Chicago. It is also the former home of Bosworth, who once worked as a band director for Dowie. In 1949, Branham's ministry as a prophet and healing evangelist was being promoted by Gordon Lindsay. A report of the Zion meetings appeared in the April 1949 issue of The Voice of Healing under the headline, "Branham-Bosworth Campaign Successful in Zion, Illinois." A subhead stated, "Newspaper Gives Favorable Report."

The magazine's report was actually a story from the Waukegan News-Sun (March14, 1949), which reported scores of people claimed to have been healed. The story noted:

"Every case of crossed eyes which was prayed for was straightened before prayer ceased; many crippled and badly twisted bodies were straightened and deaf people were able to hear."

More than 2000 filled the church for some of the meetings.

Bosworth was 72 at the time of the visit. At various times in his life, he was known to associate with controversial figures. Dowie's life was filled with controversy because of his lifestyle, finances, theology, and ministry of healing; Branham was also controversial, primarily because of his reports of visions, angels, claims of supernatural healings, mind reading, his theology, and claims of being a prophet, among other things. He and Bosworth remained close to the end.

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