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Stella Bosworth Still Going Strong

The Widow of Bob Bosworth is Steadfast and Unrelenting in Outreach Ministry

By Roscoe Barnes III

Author, F.F. Bosworth: The Man Behind Christ the Healer

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Stella Bosworth and her late husband, Bob Bosworth, spent decades working in missions. Bob was the son of F.F. Bosworth, author of Christ the Healer. Stella's report in this April 2018 newsletter focuses on a ministry in Mumbai, India.


Although now in her 80s, Stella Bosworth continues to be a strong force in the areas of evangelism and foreign missions. Stella is the widow of Bob Bosworth, the son of F.F. Bosworth. Bob, an apostle of "early morning prayer," died in 2009. He and Stella served for many years as missionaries. Through their ministry, World Outreach Inc., they shared the gospel on an international level, reaching people in many nations. Together, they helped to make disciples and build churches. They trained leaders and raised financial support for many church groups and communities in need.

Although Bob has been deceased for about 10 years now, Stella has not missed a beat. In fact, she said in a YouTube update that she prays about leading someone to Christ whenever she leaves the house or goes shopping.


An April 2018 ministry newsletter shows that Stella is very much active in the ongoing work of World Outreach. In two densely written pages, she reported on the ministry of Samuel and Bhanu Singh in the "slums of Mumbai, India."

The report is a testimony of God's power and providential care in lives of his chosen leaders. The pastor, bold in faith, stood up to government officials and kept preaching even when they threatened to demolish his church building. He eventually found favor with the officials. Also mentioned in the report is a note about the pastor's wife being healed of cancer. Stella wrote:

We thank the Lord all the time for the faithfulness and consistency in ministry that we see in Samuel and Bhanu, even though they are getting older. Just as they persevered against the Hindu resistance against Christians with the Airoli church, they have held faith through Bhanu's cancer and seen her healed.

Just as God did a miracle for them when we all prayed and asked God to turn the hearts of the Hindu officials, we are asking you all to ask God for a miracle in helping them find a place where they can live in peace as they get older, and to heal Bhanu again.

Stella also made a plea for help. She described some critical challenges faced by the couple that affect their home, their health, and their environment, which is heavily polluted.
Writing with a sense of urgency, she called on her partners to pray for Samuel and his wife to receive a new home in a place with cleaner air:
The doctor told Samuel to find a place out of the city for Bhanu to live and be free of the cough, but their whole lives are spent ministering in the slums to the slum people. Bhanu is strong in her faith and is trusting God to heal her.


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