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On This Day (December 18): William Branham Has Car Crash that Leads to His Death

By Roscoe Barnes III
Author, F.F. Bosworth: The Man Behind Christ the Healer
Copyright (c) 2018

William Branham
(1909 - 1965)

On December 18, 1965, Evangelist William Branham suffered severe injuries in a car crash while driving a 1964 Ford station wagon in West Texas. The crash occurred when a drunk driver reportedly collided head-on with Branham's vehicle.

According to some sources, like David E. Harrell Jr. and Freda Lindsay, he was headed to Tucson, Ariz. But Pearry Green, his biographer, said he had left Tucson and was driving to Jeffersonville, Ind., for Christmas.

Branham died on December 24, 1965. He was 56.
Branham was the pacesetter and acknowledged leader of the Post-WWII healing revival. He was a close friend of F.F. Bosworth, author of Christ the Healer. Branham also headed the famous Voice of Healing magazine and the loose fellowship of healing revivalists of the same name. Bosworth served as Branham's mentor. He taught and prayed for the sick in many crusades with Branham.
Freda Lindsay, wife of Gordon Lindsay, suggested Branham's death was prophesied by Kenneth E. Hagin. In her book, My Diary Secrets, she wrote:
One day Kenneth Hagin came into our offices. He handed Gordon a piece of paper on which was written a prophecy he said the Lord had given him. The prophecy stated that the leader of the deliverance movement was soon to be taken in death because he was getting into error and the Lord was having to remove him from the scene for that reason. Gordon took the prophecy and placed it in his desk.
After Brother Hagin left I asked, "What do you think about this? Is this Branham?"
Gordon answered gravely, "Yes, it is Branham. He is getting into error. He thinks he is Elijah. He thinks he is the messenger of the covenant. The sad thing is that unscrupulous men around him are putting words into his mouth, and due to his limited background he is taking them up."

Branham died two years later on Christmas Eve of 1965.



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