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New Hashtags for F.F. Bosworth

By Roscoe Barnes III
Author, F.F. Bosworth: The Man Behind Christ the Healer
Copyright (c) 2018


I'm introducing two new hashtags for my work on F.F. Bosworth, Pentecostal pioneer and author of Christ the Healer. They are:
#BosworthMatters -- It uses the name of my blog, Bosworth Matters, which presents critical research and commentary on Bosworth's life history. (See The name also expresses my conviction that Bosworth truly matters in conversations about church history in general and Pentecostalism in particular. His contributions as a preacher, revivalist, author, and faith healer are significant to discussions about revival, evangelism, divine healing, and missions.
#BosworthMention -- It will be used to report selected citations or mentions of Bosworth that I come across in my reading. This will be an effective way to keep readers abreast of current and on-going work on Bosworth.
Like my use of #ThisDayinFFBosworthHistory, the new hashtags will help me to digitally assemble and categorize my work on Bosworth while keeping his name before the public. The new hashtags should also aid in making the research easier to find.
Of course, I will continue to use #FFBosworth and #ChristTheHealer.
In the interest of open access, I should note that my goal is to create an online repository of research that is definitive in scope and easily accessible. My prayer is that the information will be useful to pastors, students of history, researchers, historians, etc. It is my hope that other scholars will build on it and provide new material on Bosworth and his contributions to our history. I trust that many others will eventually see that when it comes to church history, Bosworth matters.


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For more information:
Visit the F.F. Bosworth page here. Questions about the research and commentary on F.F. Bosworth may be directed to Roscoe Barnes III via email at or For updates on F.F. Bosworth history, simply follow this blog or @Roscoebarnes3 on Twitter. #ChristTheHealer

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