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My Top 10 Blog Posts on F.F. Bosworth in 2018

By Roscoe Barnes III

Author, F.F. Bosworth: The Man Behind Christ the Healer

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As we move into 2019, I want to share with you a list of my Top 10 blog posts on F.F. Bosworth in 2018. Of the 50+ posts on Bosworth's life history, the one that generated the most views was about William Branham and Ern Baxter. The second most viewed post was the story of P.C. Nelson and how his work with Bosworth inspired him to start his own healing ministry. Interestingly, the number three post also featured Branham. It recounted an incident in South Africa in which he was rebuked by Bosworth.

The listing that follows is based primarily on the stats generated by for the last three months of the year and my notes taken throughout the year. The last two posts (9 and 10) are based on stats reported prior to October 2018.'s Simple Blog does not provide stats in any graph or chart that shows the entire year at a glance. Instead, it shows up to three months. Even so, the list below is a good indication of what readers wanted to know about Bosworth. Take a look.

Top 10 Blog Posts on F.F. Bosworth in 2018

1. Why Ern Baxter Left the Ministry of William Branham: A Look at Problematic Concerns About Faith and ‘Borderline Psychic” Phenomena. See here.

2. What P.C. Nelson Saw in the F.F. Bosworth Revival Meetings: How the Experience Moved Him to Begin His Own Healing Ministry. See here.

3. “Brother Branham, you’re wrong.” F.F. Bosworth’s Surprising Rebuke of William Branham. See here.

4. F.F. Bosworth’s Endorsement of T.L. Osborn’s Most Famous Book: Letter of Support Appeared in Healing the Sick and Casting Out Devils. See here.

5. Bob Bosworth’s Promotion of Christ the Healer: How He Used Music and Reading to Share His Father’s Classic on Divine Healing. See here.

6. 12 Mistaken Claims about F.F. Bosworth. See here.

7. The Passing of Eugene Peterson and F.F. Bosworth: A Look at Their Transition and 'Ultimate Triumph.' See here.

8. F.F. Bosworth Mentioned in P.C. Nelson's book, Does Christ Heal Today? (1941). See here.

9. F.F. Bosworth and Kenneth Hagin Jr.: A Look at the Similarities in Their Writings on the Past Tense of God’s Word. See here.

10. Fred Francis Bosworth -- Reporter of Pentecost: He 'Kept the News Flowing.' See here.


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