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F.F. Bosworth and Billy Graham

How They Both Found Favor in the Pages of the Press

By Roscoe Barnes III

Author, F.F. Bosworth: The Man Behind Christ the Healer

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Note: The material shared in this paper was taken from the author’s doctoral research on F.F. Bosworth’s ministry development as a healing evangelist. (See F. F. Bosworth: A Historical Analysis of the Influential Factors in His Life and Ministry (University of Pretoria, Date: 2010-07-30; website:


F.F. Bosworth and Billy Graham were both evangelists, but in many ways they were worlds apart. However, in some areas, especially when it came to promoting their ministries, they had a few things in common. Much has been written about the impact of the news media on the early years of Graham’s ministry, but there is little known about the press’ involvement in the ministry of Bosworth. This paper shows how both men, despite the differences in their ages, time period, and theological beliefs, embraced the news media and seized the promotional opportunity it provided to reach wider audiences with the Gospel.

When the two preachers began their ministries, they started with humble beginnings. But they soon found the support of the secular press. It was the type of support that propelled their names to vast audiences throughout the United States. In Graham’s case, his name became a household word.

Bosworth, author of Christ the Healer, comes from a Pentecostal background and was known for his simple preaching and teaching, and for playing musical instruments along with his brother, B.B. Bosworth. He was associated with the Assemblies of God in his early years as a pastor, but he resigned from the Pentecostal denomination over the issue of speaking in tongues. He later held credentials with the Christian and Missionary Alliance. Graham, however, is an evangelical who comes from a Southern Baptist background. He is the author of Peace with God. Like Bosworth, he conducted well-orchestrated city-wide, evangelistic campaigns throughout the country.

Although both men generated publicity for preaching the Gospel to thousands of people, Bosworth stood out, in part, because of his ministry of divine healing. Despite having different backgrounds -- and ministries that differed in many ways -- both men benefited from the coverage they received in the news media.

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